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Customer Service

If you have any questions after receipt of the ordered goods, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

For any technical complaints or defective goods of the products delivered by us, please contact our Customer Service Team. Please send us the affected parts after approval has been confirmed, so that we can analyze them.

Please use the HAHN return delivery note and enclose it with the completed form into the shipment, otherwise we cannot examine the returned devices.

For more information, please look up our technical instructions.

Contact details Customer Service

Phone: +49 711 – 93 67 05 976
Fax: +49 711 – 39 67 05 40
E-mail: customer-service@hahn-gasfedern.de


If there is a technical complaint about the goods delivered by us, please send us the parts concerned so that we can analyse them.

Please use the HAHN return delivery note and enclose it completely filled out with the shipment, otherwise we cannot examine the returned devices.

Please note the following information:

In order to fully examine the products you send us, we require your consent (see return note) to the opening, destruction and finally scrapping of the parts for testing purposes by our quality department.

If you do not agree to this, the parts can only be inspected visually, which often makes it impossible to clarify the cause of the complaint definitively. If, in this case, your complaint is rejected and you request the return of the parts, the return shall be at your expense and your risk.

If the complaint is accepted, you will receive a credit note for the defective products. If you need a replacement, please send us a new order: this will be recorded as a new order and confirmed to you.

The products sent by you for inspection shall become our property when the credit note is issued and shall be scrapped by us.

If the complaint is rejected because there is no defect for which the manufacturer is responsible, we will inform you of the rejection and the reasons in writing. 

In this case (for example in the event of damage to the product caused by improper installation or handling), we expressly reserve the right to invoice you for the expenses incurred by us for the assessment.

You have 4 weeks from receipt of our letter of acknowledgement or rejection of the complaint to request the parts sent for inspection (delivery is freight collect) or to collect them from us. After this period the products will be scrapped.

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