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HAHN accessories for gas springs & dampers

We offer a wide range of accessories for our <link link-text compression>compression springs, <link link-text tension>tension springs, <link link-text locking gas>locking gas springs, <link link-text>dampers, <link link-text double-stroke gas>double-stroke gas springs and <link link-text special>special requirements.
Our accessories will allow you to combine and expand the possible applications for every HAHN gas spring.
Almost every conceivable type of mounting is possible with HAHN mounting brackets (fork heads, hinge eyes, angle joints, etc.) in combination with the right <link link-text mounting>mounting brackets on the product side.
Flexible and adaptable <link link-text release>release systems open up a further range of possibilities for locking gas springs.

You can order special accessories for specific mounting situations under <link link-text>Extras.

Extreme situations

With special protective tubes and locking devices, HAHN gas struts can also be used in particularly difficult environments, for example in road salting vehicles, to protect the underbodies of commercial vehicles or to secure the shutters on food stalls.
For extreme conditions, our technical specialists will develop intelligent special solutions for you.
Let us know your requirements. <link link-text contact>Contact form

End fittings

Anschlüsse wie Augen, Gabeln, Winkelgelenke, Gelenkaugen, Bodenstücke und Axialgelenke

Release Systems

Mounting Brackets

Beschläge wie Lagerschuh, Seitenbeschlag, Winkelbeschlag und Rundbeschlag


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