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Layout and function of our HAHN damper

HAHN oil dampers are closed, maintenance-free hydraulic elements. Our dampers are ideal for the smooth slowing of traverse feed device, linear drive units, flaps and other applications.
HAHN fixed dampers work in extension, compression or both directions. Braking forces of 5 to 2500 N are possible.
All model series are available as fixed dampers in steel, in V2A (AISI 304) and in V4A (AISI 316).

Areas in which our dampers are used

Our oil dampers are used in all situations where objects (flaps, covers or hatches, etc.) must not exceed a specified speed when moving.
An constant damping throughout the entire stroke can be realized in correlation with the moved mass. The installation of our damper offers enormous advantages in many different areas of use, such as the furniture industry, vehicle construction or other industrial applications.
HAHN calculates and develops dampers that are tailored to your requirements. In this way, we can provide the perfect solution whatever your application. With our installation recommendation we can you with the calculation of your damper.
Our wide range of HAHN end fittings and HAHN mounting brackets can be connected to with the dampers.

HAHN dampers in a range of materials

Please select:

HB damper steel
Stainless steel V2A (AISI 304)
Stainless steel V4A (AISI 316)

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