Hahn Gasfedern: Blockierbare Gasfedern

Layout and function of HAHN lockable gas springs

The type of locking for our HAHN gas springs can be calculated precisely to your individual requirements and coordinated during manufacture.
Operating the release opens the piston valve of the gas struts. When considering the elastic locking gas spring, it is nitrogen that flows through the piston, whereas in the rigid locking springs, it is oil that flows through it.
The flowing gas / oil moves the piston rod out by itself and in by pressure. When releasing the trigger, the valve in the inside is automatically being closed and stops the piston rod in any desired position.

Areas in which our locking gas compression springs are used

Our locking gas spring is infinitely variable and can be stopped anywhere along the complete stroke. Hatches, furniture doors and other moving parts can thus be fixed in the position required and then moved again.

Examples: furniture, vehicle seats, hatches in boats

HAHN release systems have been specially designed and adapted to meet the requirements of your applications. For every locking gas spring, we can offer you lever solutions, cable control systems and hydraulic solutions. With our wide choice of release systems, you'll always be able to find the solution that is the best and most convenient for you.

Any lockable gas spring is available in steel, V2A (AISI 304) and V4A (AISI 316):

Stainless steel V2A (AISI 304)
Stainless steel V4A (AISI 316)