Hahn Gasfedern: Produkte

Release systems for HAHN locking gas springs

For the release of locking gas springs, you can choose from a range of hydraulic release systems. The Hydraulic release systems (PDF) as been specially designed and adapted to meet the requirements of your applications.
We will supply you with a ready-to-install, maintenance-free system that offers many outstanding benefits.  
If the design and function of your latest developments have so far been limited by cable controls and lever releases, our flexible HY release system opens up a whole new world of possibilities with plenty of connection options.


  • Furniture
  • Therapy couches
  • Telephone consoles
  • Drinks holders
  • Table adjustments
  • Soft top compartments
  • Fitness equipment
  • Ships' hatches
  • Medical appliances
  • Driver's seats in diggers, cranes, tractors
  • and much more