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Technical instructions   PDF (210 KB)
Waste disposal instructions   PDF (115 KB)
Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015   PDF (121 KB)
Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001:2015   PDF (125 KB)
Certificate DIN EN ISO 50001:2011   PDF (131 KB)

Certificate DIN EN ISO 45001:2018


PDF (125 KB)

Assembly Recommendation dampers   PDF (660 KB)
Assembly Recommendation gas springs   PDF(789 KB)
Installation instruction SDD   PDF (761 KB)
Assembly Recommendation SDD   PDF (577 KB)
Use of the HAHN testing device Regulator   PDF (118 KB)



Door stop   PDF (192 KB)
Gas springs with ballpoint pen principle   PDF (604 KB)
Sliding Door Damper (SDD)   PDF (3,3 MB)
Gas springs    PDF (2,4 MB)
Tension springs   PDF (2,5 MB)
Locking gas springs   PDF (2,4 MB)
Double-stroke gas springs   PDF (2,6 MB)
SDD in Yachts   PDF (622 KB)
Gas springs to any environment   PDF (2,3 MB)
HAHN products   PDF (631 KB)
Image brochure   PDF (1,7 MB)
Dip-Print-Flyer   PDF (675 KB)


Yacht-Flyer (USA)


PDF (4,3 MB)

PDF (1.5 KB)

Yacht-Flyer (italian)   PDF (588 KB)
HT-/NT-Gas springs-Flyer   PDF (595 KB)
Marine Service   PDF (424 KB)
Oil Dampers   PDF (6,8MB)
HAHN Around the house   PDF (1,51MB)
HAHN in the medical technology sector   PDF (2,3MB)

HAHN on the construction site

Indoor Flexibility


PDF 1,0 MB

PDF (6,3 MB)

In agriculture   PDF (2 MB)


Catalogue chinese   PDF (3,3 MB)

PDF (8,6 MB)