Hahn Gasfedern: SDD Türdämpfer

HAHN Sliding Door Damper - SDD

The Hahn sliding door damper is an innovating spring - damper element for weights ranging from 40 to 400 kilograms. It combines two gas springs and an oil damper in one single component, making it the only one of its kind on the market today. The system combines three different functions in one component - spring-dampened docking, degressive braking and the gentle advancing of masses – while enabling harmonic movements of heavy doors and windows. In addition, the SDD allows the user to decelerate straight-moving masses gently to a defined end position.

Application of SDD

The Sliding Door Damper (SDD) is absolutely unrivaled when it comes to damping the movement of heavy doors, windows and drawers weighing 100 kilos or more. Despite the heavy weight of such parts, the SDD system is able to create harmonic movements and to safely dampen the closing movement. Its novel design and suitability for linear moved masses of more than 100 kg make the SDD a value-adding product for many industries. The SDD is available in large series and can be used for weights between 40 and 400 kg, depending on its size.

Function and special characteristics - assembly module

The newly developed assembly module combines triedand-tested technology with innovative functions:

  • its design and HAHN material mix prevent the catching trigger from breaking
  • assembly slots provide flexibility
  • assembly slots minimize the number of required accessories


Here you can download the SDD product flyer

TypesWeight RangeAssembly Dimension
SDD 04-1240–120 kga=287 / b=319 / C=14,5 / d=24,6mm
SDD 06-15100–200 kga=423 / b=462 / c=22 / d=32,1mm
SDD 06-19200–400 kga=423 / b=463 / c=24 / d=32,1mm
SDG 04-1220-80 kga=287 / b=319 / c=14,5 / d=24,6mm
SDG 04-12 VA40–80 kga=287 / b=319 / c=14,5 / d=24,6mm
SDD 08-23> 400 kgon request


Fittings, matching brackets as well as additional special accessories can be found here: Accessories.