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Windows - reliable keeping open

Regular and proper ventilation is important for a healthy indoor climate and better quality of life. The best ventilation effect is achieved by opening opposing windows and inside doors to create a draft.


Casement windows

However, it’s this draft that often causes doors and windows to slam shut, which sometimes even damages them. For safe and proper ventilation, HAHN offers small dampers that prevent doors and windows from slamming shut. 


Product: Damper

Special small-size dampers for windows, developed by HAHN, prevent windows from slamming shut in windy conditions. If there is a draft, closing windows are slowed down in a controlled manner and closed softly. The closing speed is dependent upon the installed damper and the weight of the window. The HAHN damper is made in various model ranges and available in high-quality and weather-resistant stainless steel.

The practical “little ones” from HAHN can also be retrofitted in installed windows.

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Oftentimes, creating a draft in the attic is only possible if the windows can be opened easily. And, in summer, a draft is the only way to cool off in an attic apartment.


Product: Double Stroke Spring

HAHN developed the double stroke spring for opening big and heavy skylights with a large opening angle, safely and without straining. The gas spring supports manual force and makes opening and closing skylights a breeze.


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