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Sun Protection

Apart from a great house or apartment - a garden, porch or balcony gives us additional living space we can enjoy in the warm season. But it’s important to be well-protected from the sun and its ultraviolet rays, wind gusts and rain. There are many products for reliable sun and weather protection. Awning systems and hanging sunshades offer individual solutions that can be used all year round.  

The HAHN gas spring supports manual operation and allows a smooth and quiet extension and retraction of any awning.


A drop arm awning is made especially for windows and balconies and, thanks to its adjustable inclination angle, offer optimal sun and heat protection, while still allowing you to enjoy the view.

The Markisolette type awning combines all the benefits of vertical and drop arm awnings. For sun and wind protection, but also as a visual protection, this type of awning is lowered in vertical direction first. The lower part can then be adjusted to let the air in or open the view.

Canvas Awnings

Canvas awnings are ideal for protecting large spaces or porches from the sun. HAHN gas springs are incorporated in the pillars that hold up the canvas. Here, the gas spring is an important aid in keeping the canvas taut.


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