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Sliding door

Large window fronts, fully glazed walls and floor-length elements are trending. They remove the separation between indoor and outdoor spaces, make rooms look bigger and flood them with daylight. Connecting indoor rooms with outside areas often necessitates the use of very large and heavy sliding doors. For space-saving reasons, sliding doors are also increasingly used indoors, where they replace conventional swinging doors. Particularly in large rooms, space dividers are used, and this is where our SDD plays a decisive role. 

Product SDD

The innovative sliding door damper is the perfect solution for all sliding doors in your home, independent of their weight and size. It helps open doors easily and safely cushions the impact of heavy sliding elements, in their open or closed position. 

The Sliding Door Damper (SDD):

  • Safe and gentle damping
  • Combines docking impact absorption, degressive braking and gentle closing
  • Available in three models for doors up to 400 kg in weight

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