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Garage Door

Garage doors come in many shapes and sizes. Our gas springs help open and close garage doors very smoothly. Particularly with multi-car garages, which are built with space saving in mind, the door will not swing out beyond the door frame.


Rolling Gate

When it comes to making full use of storage space, the rolling gate is a good alternative to other door types. It is a roller shutter for the garage and stows away in a box underneath the garage ceiling. In this way, the rest of the ceiling can be used for additional storage.


Sectional Door

If the storage space under the ceiling is not needed, a sectional door offers the added benefit of having an integrated passdoor. Particularly if the garage doesn’t have a second access, the passdoor functions as an access point, without having to open the entire door. This can be useful to take a bicycle out of the garage, for example.


Both types of garage doors have the advantage of using the full indoor height. Also, it is not necessary to keep a space in front of the garage for door movement. This prevents danger to people or items in front of the garage.


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