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Hahn Gasfedern: Service products

Service products for HAHN gas springs

We provide various tools and equipment to allow you to adjust our products independently. 

With the HAHN filling case you can fill gas springs with lateral valves even in assembled conditions on the ground.

You can use our filling case and filling equipment to easily test, fill or discharge all types of gas springs (gas springs, tension springs and locking gas springs).

Gas springs and tension springs can be equipped with a valve on request. This valve allows the user to decrease the extension force of the spring by reducing the gas volume. Thus, you can adjust your gas spring on the ground. The adjusted gas spring can be provided in the follow-up delivery or in the series production and it can be manufactured with the defined extension force without valve at lower cost.

Our portable HAHN tester or regulator can be used to measure and reduce pressure in smaller series of gas springs and tension springs.